Preschool Easter Literacy Activity

Zay has been working on letter sounds and uppercase and lowercase letter recognition, so we put together a fun, hands-on activity, and brought out a homeschool resource we love, our Abc See, Hear, Do book by Stefanie Hohl.

Since we’ve been focusing on becoming familiar with uppercase and lowercase letters, matching the eggs was a fun challenge. Sometimes, kids prefer uppercase letters over lowercase letters, or lowercase letters over uppercase letters, and can easily confuse them. With this activity, encourage your child to match the uppercase letter to the lower case letter eggshell and have them add rice before they close it to celebrate their correct match!

We didn’t plan on putting our fine motor skills to work but those plastic eggs were stubborn, and putting them together was no easy task! The fun rainbow-colored rice isn’t necessary, but it does add some sensory fun to the activity. You’ll be amazed to see all the different ways your children play with it.

To get started you’ll need a bin, colored rice (optional), 26 plastic eggs, a sharpie marker, and ABC See, Hear, Do Book (optional, but recommend it). Whoever said learning can’t be fun is doing it all wrong!

Teach! Learn! Enjoy!


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