Must have sandals; Dizzy sandals!

IMG_5592During the winter months my mother in law gifted me this lovely Dizzy ‘wear fun shoes’ Peacock sandals, the first of it’s kind. This particular style features a gorgeous peacock-inspired painting. If you know me, you know I love sandals! I immediately fell in love with these stylish sandals and I just couldn’t wait for Spring just to show these sandals off!!!

When I find sandals I love, there is no taking them off my feet! Dizzy sandals have become my FAVORITE! I leave the house wearing one style of shoe and always end up switching into my Dizzy sandals! They’re so lightweight, flexible, and comfortable – you don’t even realize they’re on your feet! Oh yeah, and they’re waterproof! Perfect to look cute while going on adventures and keeping up with two VERY energetic school age boys!

I’ve had so many ladies on Instagram, Facebook, local malls, and even some dudes ask “Where did you get your sandals?! SO CUTE!! I need a pair!” They’re Dizzy sandals, DUH! I have literally turned heads because of these fashionable jelly flip-flop sandals.

I know I’ll be wearing these sandals all Spring and Summer (don’t judge me) I actually had my husband tell me “I like them but I’m tired of you wearing them.” Well honey, I have no intentions of searching for new sandals but I will be purchasing more because I’m obsessed! Although they don’t sell half sizes the sandals are true pretty easy to fit so for example, if you’re a 6.5 maybe you should go for a 7! Want to know what’s my favorite thing about these sandals?! They look good with almost everything!!!!!!

Happy Shopping!

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