Hudson Tailor Backpack Set

Every mom carries theirs, and their kids belongings, my problem is that I’ve never been a purse kind of girl, I much rather wristlet wallets (I love them!) but once Jay was born there was no way I could fit my personal belongings plus bottles, diapers, wipes, bibs, burp clothes, and everything else he needed in my wristlet wallets. I started searching for diaper bags because isn’t that what every mom uses? It was frustrating to find one that I loved and met all my needs! Some bags were too big, some were too small, most didn’t have enough pockets, others weren’t washable, many of them broke, and a lot were just not cute. Was I asking for too much?!

I gave up on diaper bags once I realized how much I could fit in a backpack! Comfy, stylish, and you would think, just perfect! Wrong…….. Everything in the backpack would fly around and nothing would stay in place. It was more of a mess than a solution! Eventually I gave up my search for the perfect diaper bag, put the backpack away and began using my spacious designer bags as diaper bags which worked wonders but in return I’ve destroyed all my purses!

When the boys got a little older I purchased backpacks and lunch boxes so they could practice carrying their belongings and snacks. Did it work? Nope. They loved carrying the backpacks but not the lunch boxes and if they were placed inside the backpack, it made it heavy to carry so I would end up carrying my purse, their lunch boxes, and eventually their backpacks too.

Now the boys are four and five (a much more independent age) they still love backpacks, and it doesn’t bother them to carry a lunch box BUT we’ve already lost six lunch boxes! Six!!!!!!!! Jay started the school year in August and my boy has lost six lunch boxes. I know, I couldn’t believe it either but facts are facts.

The Hudson Tailor Classic Set features a backpack with a padded 15″ laptop sleeve with ergonomic back padding, adjustable straps, side-release buckles to attach and detach the lunchbox, elastic bands to secure side-release buckles when your lunchbox is not attached, it has two front zippered pockets, and side water bottle nets. In other words, PLENTY OF SPACE!

The lunchbox features a front zippered pocket, that’s where I put the boys silverware, napkin, and gum, it has bands to secure the side-release buckles, waterproof insulated lining, and a name tag. Oh yeah, and it’s machine washable.

Something that really stood out to me about the lunchbox is it’s design. When I first saw it online I asked myself “How am I going to fit everything in there?” but I was so hooked on it being attachable that I gambled it. Turns out its super flexible, and expandable. I also love that the lunchbox is upright which prevents the kids thermos from dancing around and their snacks from braking into tiny pieces from being smashed with the thermo and water bottle.

With your Hudson Tailor purchase, a portion will be given back to the study and research of neuroblastoma. Thank you for helping further the research of neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is the third most common cancer in children. Half of the children have widespread “high risk” disease at diagnosis, with less than 50% survival. After failing standard therapy, patients have less than 10% survival. When standard therapy fails, the New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy (NANT) offers hope and therapies not available anywhere else to patients and their families. Over 600 children have been treated on NANT trials. NANT has federal, pharmaceutical, and philanthropic grant support. However, it costs approximately $25,000 to treat one child on a clinical trial.

xo, Preschool With Mama


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