Filter, tap, or bottle?

Take a look at your glass of water, it looks so refreshing and hydrating but before you take a sip, how do you know that the water is free from disease-causing organisms?

Most Americans don’t think about the water they drink, everyday they turn on a tap, fill a glass, and drink. We’re all trying to drink more water. It’s good for the skin, metabolism, digestion, and many other things so staying hydrated is important, but at what cost?

The main problem with tap water in America is the pipes in the houses. Inadequate sanitation, poor protection of drinking water sources and improper hygiene often leads to sewage and feces contaminated water; that is ground for dangerous bacteria, parasites and other forms of viruses. Unlike many other areas of the nation, tap water in my city is safe to drink but I HATE the taste.

Every time I hear someone say “ALL WATER TASTES THE SAME!” in my mind I yell “NO IT DOES NOT!!!” Some people rely on bottled water to quench their thirst when they’re on the go and others (like myself) buy bottled water to drink at home because they won’t drink tap water. Most bottled water brands taste GREAT compared to tap water, this is due to the purification process that eliminates unpleasant chemicals and contaminants from the water.

Go Green. Save Money!

Facetune_01-08-2018-00-05-28Switching from bottled water to PUR Classic Faucet Filtration System has been one of the fastest, and easiest ways to live healthy, and protect the planet. It’s one-click installation system makes is super easy to set up and its superior contaminant removal with MAXION® Filter Technology, makes it more reliable to get healthy, clean, great-tasting water straight from your faucet. PUR Classic Faucet Filtration System is certified to remove 99% of Lead and over 70 other contaminants, including 96% of Mercury and 92% of certain pesticides. I really like the built-in electronic filter indicator which tells you when the filter needs to be replaced and I love how quickly I can remove it. *Changing your water filter regularly is crucial when it comes to removing contaminants, a clean filter means clean water. It is recommended that faucet filters be replaced every 100 gallons or every three months to maintain maximum contaminant removal.*

Home water purification is by far the most economical, most convenient and most effective way of producing high quality, water. Filtering out the chlorine, lead and other contaminants with a quality home water filtration system, I feel, is the best way to know about the quality of your drinking water.

Its been a few weeks now and we L O V E everything about our PUR Classic Faucet Filtration System.  The water tastes so fresh, clean, and crisp! For us, it was the PERFECT choice.

Even if bottled water was healthier we should do whatever we can to avoid it because plastic from single use bottles are ending up in landfills polluting our groundwater, rivers, lakes, and oceans with micro plastics.

With a home water filtration system, you can filter water whenever you need it which saves you a lot of money. Rather than grabbing a plastic bottled water, buy yourself a nice refillable bottle, fill it up with your PUR Classic Faucet Filtration System and take it with you everywhere you go! Save time, money, the environment and stay hydrated with PUR Classic Faucet Filtration System!

Refilling water bottles is the boys favorite thing to do lately and I am the happiest knowing they have PUR Classic Faucet Filtration System to provide them safe, clean water to drink as they please!


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