Hi, I’m Cathy!

I’m a former Reggio Emilia preschool teacher with over ten years of experience. I’m a bilingual early childhood educator, Zumbini Instructor, main squeeze to one, homeschooling mama to Jay (6) and Zay (5), and the creator of Preschool With Mama!

Preschool with Mama started as a creative outlet after Jay was diagnosed with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), to share and educate on different learning styles and the importance in accepting and adjusting to every single one of them. We love sensory play activities and enjoy sharing all our fun sensory play ideas.

Everything you read here won’t be life changing, inspiring, or exciting but it will be real and honest. Let’s talk about parenting, motherhood, education, sensory processing disorder, gut health, products, brands, local Denver restaurants, events, activities, and so much more …♥

Teach! Learn! Enjoy!
-Preschool With Mama