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Coffee Filter Flowers | Art & Crafts for Kids

May 7, 2020 preschoolwmama No Comments

Spring is here and outside the flowers are blooming! Decorating boring coffee filters is a fun, easy, and relaxing activity your kids will love. It’s also an art and crafts activity that can be done during quiet time.

Material Needed

-Coffee filters
-Recyclable Straws
-Crayons and Markers
-Glue and tape
-Glitter (Optional)
-Tablecloth (Optional)

Time to get crafty

If you want to avoid getting your workspace stained with marker, sticky with glue, or super messy with glitter then you might want to use a tablecloth.

First, you’ll notice that they’ll grab some crayons and/or markers to scribble and color all over the coffee filters. Now, it’s time to get messy!

Messy play is fantastic for kids. The learning possibilities are endless! I know as parents we don’t enjoy messy play but kids LOVE messy play! See, when your child squeezes glue out onto the coffee filter, they’re working on their fine motor strength, and when they pick up a pompom, they’re working on their pincer grasping skills.

Once your child is done decorating, set your coffee filters down so the glue can dry up and the glitter and pompoms can stay in place.

This next step is simple. To assemble the flowers have your child turn their masterpiece over and place a recycled straw in the middle of the back of the coffee filter and tape it. That’s it! I told you it was simple! Now your child has their own garden and you’re left with beautiful flowers.

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