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Rock Painting with Chalkola Markers | Review + Discount

August 10, 2020 preschoolwmama No Comments

My restless mind has always found peace in creating, which is why I was so excited to test out Chalkola chalk markers! I received a 21 pack of Chalk markers plus a rustic chalkboard sign to test them out on and cute chalk labels.

Chalkola believes we should ‘Live a vibrant life’. Art should be accessible to everyone, and affordability and quality is really important, which is why I love that they offer a variety of chalk markers, chalk boards, and art supples. All of their products are non-toxic, xylene free, and odor free. What’s not to love?

Zay loves to draw, and a new set of markers always makes him the happiest! These markers are SO MUCH FUN (I have so many ideas) and they’re definitely not just for kids, adults will enjoy doodling, drawing, and creating too!

I’m not the best artist but I’ve spent countless hours doodling with these markers and I love how smooth they slide over the board and how easy they wipe off.

Rock Painting Activity

Kids love painting rocks! It’s a great way to get creative and they’re so much fun to make. Painting rocks is also a wonderful meditative art activity for both children and adults. Personally I get lost creating and doodling for hours, or for as long as my kids allow it, haha!

Time to create!

Finding rocks is fun and easy, but if you can’t find any around your neighborhood, check out your local craft store. If you picked up your rocks outdoor make sure to wash them and allow them to dry in the sun.

Set up an area to get creative with the rocks. Put down newspaper or a piece of white poster board to protect the surface that you will be working on. I did not do this because I was confident in how EASY Chalkola markers wipe off so my white table was perfectly fine (and white) when we were all done! It was also super easy to wash the chalk paint off their skin.

Allow your children to doodle, draw, and scribble on the rocks in any way they like. Once you’re all done, allow the painted rocks to dry for a few minutes and you’ll be left with painted rocks to display on your nature table, in flower beds, in the garden, or wherever else you want to show them off. Did I say a few minutes?! UM, YES I DID! That’s how long it took for the chalk marker to dry on the rocks and of course I love it because, impatient children.

We created for HOURS and once the rocks were all done the boys were sad creating had come to end. They wanted more rocks and they wanted to continue creating! I’m sure they’re going to love all the rock activities I have planned for them in the upcoming weeks.

Neon, Classic, & Metallic Colors Chalk Markers

We received the 21 box of Chalkola markers that included 15 chalk markers and 6 metallic markers. The chalk markers have a 6 mm reversible nib – one side is a rounded nib and the other side is the chisel nib, for writing with a script font.

The metallic markers are perfect for chalk labels or writing on DIY projects. I did try them on the chalkboard to draw small details and illustrations and they got the job done.

These chalk markers are super easy to use. Before each use shake the marker for approximately 30 seconds (see the video below) to make sure the liquid is well mixed, remove the cap and press down firmly several times to get the color liquid flowing until it fills the tip. Once ready, you can create non-stop. To clean all you’ll need is a wet rag, or glass cleaner and paper towels. That’s it! Easy, right?

Since the markers are water-based the colors blend together well, as long you don’t take too long. The colors are bright, smooth, saturated and they don’t just work on chalkboards, they also work great on whiteboards, acrylic, glass, ceramic and even windows!

Chalkola Rustic Chalkboard

The rustic chalkboard design is stylish and easy to set up, simply pull the board out of the box and the back leg which is attached to the easel with a small chain just kicks out.

There is also a small tray at the front of the chalkboard to hold your pens. The surface is smooth and easy to glide the markers over and my favorite part is how easy it is to clean! All you’ll need is a wet rag, or glass cleaner and paper towels.

Chalkboard Tips

  • Before we began, we cleaned and dried the surface of the chalkboard. If needed, use a microfiber cloth to remove dust particles.
  • Keep Q-tips handy to wipe away small mistakes or to clean details. Dip one end in water to wipe away and use the other side to dry it up.
  • To clean off the chalk marker when finished, just use a wet rag, or glass cleaner and paper towels. Once the surface is cleaned and dry, wipe it down with a clean microfiber cloth to remove dust or paper towel lint.

Chalkola products are a great addition to homes and businesses making it a super fun and creative way to share customized messages. The possibilities are truly endless!

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These fun markers are perfect for kids, teachers, chalk artists, moms, DIY Styles, and more. Chalkola markers are available in several different sizes – all available at


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